I have a feeling RA might be getting more members from RW (Read 2852 times)

Crazy Q

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    Who's got the Guinness?

    Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!

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      Who's got the Guinness?

       high horse buying cause he's kidless 


      Ain't yo research bitch

         Who are you?



        Some mangy dog.....

        Disclaimer: I reserve the right to not respond to your follow-up post If you become dumb.  The resulting silence should in no way be taken as a sign of agreement.



          Late to the party, but another RWOL refugee.

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          Crazy Q

          Net Neaderthal & Escapee

            Just a another refugee from RWOL, Cheers.


            Ahhhhh I may be a little mangy but I'm a decently behaved dawg.

            Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!


              Nice to see everyone!

              an amazing likeness

                Hello everyone!

                My name is Eric and I'm the creator of RunningAHEAD.com.  I don't usually participate in non-administrative threads but I'm popping in to welcome all the RWOL users to RunningAHEAD.  I prefer to be hands off so that you can express your opinions freely.  These forums have moderators but they are only allowed to censor the occasional spam.  I do expect everyone to treat each other with civility and thus far, the self governance kept RA’s forums a welcoming place for everyone.


                Some RWOL users are reluctant to give RA a try because its forums are not as active.  The greatness of an online community is not the software it uses but rather the conversations of its users.  RA can become a more vibrant place if we all join in the conversations.


                Rodale is a corporation, with many shareholders that demand revenue and profits.  My guess is Training Peaks approached Rodale with the offer that if RW transfers all of its users to TP, TP will give Rodale a percentage of the premium membership fees it collected from RW’s users.  Rodale agreed because it is an additional revenue that it did not have with the “classic” free training log.  I can’t tell you the short sightedness of this decision.


                Unlike RWOL, my primary focus is on you, the users.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be rich, but I always believed that we can form a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits.   My success depends entirely on your satisfaction of RA, where as it’s just a job to the RW folks that read and maybe respond to your comments.


                Anyway, that is my sell.  If you become an RA user, I will take good care of you.  Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US and a great day to everyone else!


                eric Smile

                I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


                Mother of Cats

                  Yup - I'm sort of a refugee.  I've had a training log on RA for years.  But now I've jumped over to the fora as well.  My hope is that many more will follow me, and also support this site via ads or annual fee+donation.

                  Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                    Welcome to a place where spam is zapped a any extremely rare site issues are dealt with by a real live person,  Eric.




                      Did not go unnoticed.

                      Not running for my health, but in spite of it.

                      Still kicking

                        Yet another Refugee...

                        I'm also on Athlinks and Strava


                          There are at least a few more of us here - in Boston Marathon RWOL.

                            Thanks for the welcome Eric.  I figured there was profit motive involved on RW's part. And to rub salt into our wounds even more, they shut it off 24 hours before they said they would - while people were still archiving past posts, exchanging contact info, and discussing a new "home."  Pretty s$#%%y on their part.  Thankfully, a few folks suggested RA.  Glad to be here.


                              Hey, I finally figured it out and got on! Yup, another RWOL refugee. Thanks for having us Smile


                              Pace Prophet

                                I'm trying to revive the Marathon Race Training group that was created in the wake of RWOL's reorg a few years back.  https://www.runningahead.com/groups/MarathonRaceTraining/ Come join us if you participated in that, or not.

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