Problems Importing (Read 222 times)


    So I took awhile off from recording data here but I'm finally back.  This means I have a huge backlog of data to upload.  However, it appears I have several issues.


    Trying to directly download from the device results in an error.  This appears to be a problem with Garmin's plugin as I have the same issue on other sites.  Maybe a corrupt or weird file?


    I decided to try importing data to Training Center.  There were no issues downloading and I have all the workouts there.  I tried outputting all of the activities to a .tcx file to upload.  The upload worked but I later got a message that it failed and try again.


    So I moved on to trying just one .tcx file, which imported.  I then imported several .tcx files in a .zip file.  Then I noticed that this only gives very basic data.  No maps or other actually useful data.  Reading the raw files that makes sense as that data isn't captured there.


    So I tried my hand at .gpx files.  Again tried to upload all of the workouts in a single file, which failed.  It gets some imported then appears to hang.  The workouts that did import had maps.  However, I had no heart rate info.  I checked the raw file and I know I have heart rate info in the file.  Can .gpx files be imported with heart rate info?  If so I don't mind breaking it up to smaller uploads and going from there.


    Sorry for all the trouble.  Hopefully there is some help out there.



      Hi Ben,

      I sent you a private message with instructions on how to send me the data files so I can look into the problem.


      eric Smile