Feels like another stress fracture :( (Read 1106 times)

    Two years ago I had one on my left shin. I was stupid and ignored it....even ran a half marathon on it, and it got pretty bad. Now I've started getting that feeling in my right shin.....shooting pain and bump on the bone. Exactly like the last time. Only this time I'm not so dumb. Still, very disappointing, since I was going to do my first marathon October 1. Sad

      That really stinks! Ive had such an issue with my shins as well. I happened to find a sports chiropractor and that seemed to do the trick. Do you need different shoes? Can you hit up a spin class to rest your leg but keep up with the cardio? Hope it gets better soon and you still make it to the marathon! And use lots of ice!


      Fight The Future

        Good idea to stop running for a week or two. How about doing water running instead to stay in shape? (Too hot to be outside anyway)


          I feel your pain WTG. 


          I've had 2 stress fractures (femurs) both times I was training, and had already plunked down the $$$ for two different marathons.  Never made it to the start line for either of them.


          If it is a true stress fracture not running for one or two weeks is not going to be enough time to heal, but since you've been through this before, you know this.  I'd probably head to my sports doc or ortho for a MRI to confirm and cross train to keep up nt fitness and before you know it, you'll be back pounding the pavement. 


          Since this is your second go around with stress fractures maybe you could ask him/her about a bone stimulator to help speed up healing.


          Good luck!

            Thanks, all. I'm going to start riding the bikes at the gym and pool running tomorrow. I'm also going to email the RD and beg to be changed to the half. The policy states no changes, but it's a super small race, and it's still early. Worth a shot, right?
              Wow--I already received a reply saying I can switch to the half!