Simplifying the editing of intervals -- keyboard only navigation (Read 332 times)


    I quite often do track workouts with my Garmin with many laps recorded.  When I'm done,I generally need to edit all the laps to indicate what's an interval, what's recovery and what is rest.  Or to correct the distances.  Or even to add comments.  However the lap editor, while great, is still somewhat unwieldy.    It requires the use of the mouse.

    What would be nice would be to be able to progress through all of the laps, editing and saving them without ever having to touch the mouse.  I would like to be able to TAB to the "Edit Lap" button (the little pencil), and when I hit ENTER, be editing the lap.  Basically, each "edit lap" button for each lap needs to able to be a tabstop to work this way.  As of now, I am forced to click the little pencil icon with the mouse and THEN edit the lap. 

    Is there any way, in a future update, that you can make this work?


      Seconded. Or maybe at least move the edit and save buttons to the left side of the screen where most of the clicking is already done. For shorter intervals with many laps, I'll be mousing right to edit, left to make my edit, and right again to save, moving across the screen for every click. It works, but takes a long time.
        When I redo the workout editor page, I'll redo this.  I already know how it's going to work.