Finished My First HM! (Read 687 times)

Beware, batbear...

    I ran the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon Today!  Posted 2:04:54 and felt pretty good about that.  If I came in under 2:20 I was going to be happy, under 2:10 - proud, under 2:00 - elated!  I guess I'm somewhere between proud and elated!!!

    2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

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      Awesome time!  Congrats!

      See how they run...


        You are prolated!


        Good job.



          Fantastic Effort. That is an awesome run!



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            That is awesome! That's faster than I did a 15k on labor day! I'm shooting for first half on 11/8 and targeting 3hrs to finish. You did a great job and deserve to be proud!

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            2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

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            Break the 1000 mi barrier!

            History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.


              WTG Batensmack!


              All your training really paid off!


              Are you doing a full in December?

              Beware, batbear...

                RFK - That's the plan!

                Thanks for the well wishes, all.

                2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

                  CONGRATULATIONS, that is an awesome time for a first HM!

                    Also finished my first half-maraton on the same day as you. 2hrs 4mins 17 seconds. Although I wasn't in any shape to run the next day like you ...
                      Great job!! I'm hoping there's an outside chance I can get around that in my half next month.



                        Good Job man ... That was almost exactly the same as my first half 1 year ago today (2:05ish) and I think we both had lime 8 - 9 months runnig under our belt.


                        i just finished my 3rd Half at Erie today and did not meet sub 1:40 (not even in the ballpark) or even my original plan of 1:45 ; but came in at 1:46:45. (Detailed RR to follow in another thread if I dont fall asleep ... decided good idea to run 9.5 miles of Skeetermc's second lap on top of walking 2 miles to meet her at 1 point.)




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                          Well done... 13.1 is a biggy.  I bet you feel invincible now!

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                            You are prolated!


                            Good job.


                            What he said!



                            First or last...it's the same finish line

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                              That is awesome--you are sure to go sub-2 on your next try!  Congrats on your big milestone race! Big grin

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                                Excellent work, my friend.  

                                It's going to be a nice feeling when you chop just a few minutes off your time to come in sub 2:00!

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