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    For those of you who have read my first post and know about my battle with cancer and back surgery etc... I have an update. I received a call this morning from my Doctor asking me to come in and see him for my test results.( I have blood work every 6 months) so they got me in this afternoon and the results were not good. I will be checking into the Hospital next Tuesday for a bunch of tests and scans, it looks like it's back and now they have to find where its at. I was told not to run anymore right now because they dont want me to put any stress on my body until they find out whats going on and make a plan. I guess Im in a little bit of shock and dont know what else to say right now. I have not informed my family and will wait to do so until after next weeks tests and scans are completed and I know whats going on. But I had to tell someone and you guys have all been a big help the past 5-6 months, so thank all of you again for your advice and helping me get my running legs going. I will update you as I know more.
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      Damn. Good luck with everything. While I know none of your details, I would suggest that, in general, keeping as active as possible while dealing with this kind of badness can help. Run on, I say, run on. And like I said, much luck and power to you.

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        Holy crap! First, my thoughts and prayers are with you (and your family)! Please keep us posted as to your test results. Now, can I just say, this isn't something you should go through alone! Yes, we are here for you and are praying for you, but you NEED your family! Yes, I know the tendency to keep it to yourself and not bother anyone else, but I think your family would be hurt if they are kept in the dark! C'mon, spill the beans and get a support system in place, man! It's OK, I promise! Take care, Lynn B

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          Holy smokes! Best wishes for a good prognosis and a speedy recovery.
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            Hey, Bernie. Don't be out too long! You've been an inspiration to a lot of folks here. Running can be stress-RELIEF, which I'm sure you need fight now too. Surround yourself with friends, family, and positive people, and keep in touch here even if you end up deciding to stop running. We'll be thinking about you! Janell

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              I'm truly sorry to hear it. I look forward to seeing you back on your feet and faster than ever. God bless.
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                Hey...I agree with Lynn B. If I had a husband and he kept something like this from me, I'd be incredibly hurt and feel gypped out of giving him a dose of my fantastic, strong, loving female support! It's okay to be scared and unsure...it's even more okay to share that with your loved ones. I was in Mx on a surf trip once, and a hellish wave out of nowhere-much larger than anything I'd been around- came rumbling up behind me and caught me off guard. I started paddling like hell toward it hoping to go over top and out the back of it to avoid getting snapped in two. I realized it was too late for that, so I spun around and paddled like hell, while my Aussie companion screamed, "Just hold the fuck on, mate!!!" Scared as I was, I said "oh shit" or something like that, held on, and managed to ride it out long enough to go back over the shoulder. So I say to you, "Just hold the fuck on mate!" Good luck....SG Cool

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                  Wow. Hoping for a good prognosis and speedy recovery. Robin


                    TRM, We followed your progress closely ever since your first post. Your perseverance have inspired us all. Just as we cheered you on as you run farther, we're here to support you as you face new challenges. However, we're no replacement for your family for they are your true supporters. Please keep us updated with any news. You are in our thoughts. eric Smile

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                      If you don't tell your family these things when you need the support, then you don't give them the chance to give back what you most need--that support and their love. I agree with others who encourage you to find ways to stay active. My FIL has been fighting a variety of cancers for years, including terminal liver cancer. About 3 years ago he was given 18 months, but he is still with us. I think because he allows his friends and family to be there for him AND because he stays as active as he possibly can. He's a former marathon runner and has been active all of his life (cycling, skiing, tennis, etc.). Cancer has already robbed him of so much, so he was never about to let it take his active life away from him as long as he had any say in the matter. I hope you are able to fight and beat this. Stay strong, friend. k

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                        Bernie - I just created a new group in "social groups" called On the Bench. I figured people who were involuntarily pulled from running - for whatever reason - could use somewhere to vent their woes and commiserate. Janell

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                          Running Man, I don't know you and haven't followed your previous posts ( I will as soon as I finish this reply). BUT...I do want to wish you a strong mental state to deal with what may come your way. If you need to be here to work out your thoughts please do so.... as you obviously already know, the folks on this site are caring, giving and lots of positive support when you need it. You are in our thoughts....


                            TRM, my thoughts & prayers are with you. I spent 8yrs working for a general surgeon that specialized in breast cancer & some of the first things we told patients were: 1) surround yourself with friends & family. Let them help you. Let them be your 2nd set of ears & eyes to ask questions, remember details, etc. Let them love you. Let them support you. 2) Don't wear your body out, but stay active. Exercise keeps your spirits up, it keeps your body in fighting shape. I hope we can all give you a little of the motivation & inspiration that you have given us. Hugs & prayers coming your way! Eryn
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                              (((hugs))) my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you can let the people you love be there to support you.
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                                Hey Bernie...sorry about the news, but would have to agree with most that family can be a great lift and support when we get nailed in life, tell them and embrace them as yo could regret not. But we are not here to preach but to wish you all the best and to remember that we all get nailed in life but we all live and learn and it reminds us of what we we have and how special it really is. I will prey for a quick recovery and hope to see you back on the running path soon...all the best to you and your family...MIke