Mass Edit of Workouts (Read 43 times)


    It would be nice if you could mass edit workouts, for example I used to name interval sets with times or distances but now I'd like to change all to a generic "Intervals" name - to do this would take ages as I'd have to manually edit each one.


    I guess there are not too many other workout fields that would be mass-editable as it wouldn't make sense but for me it would be useful in this instance Smile


      My recollection is if you try to delete a workout type, say you have “6x800m” it will give you an option to use another name, say “Interval”. It would then change all workouts called “6x800m” to “Interval”. You would need to do this for every workout type you have set up, but you would not need to go into each individual workout. 

      However I have not tried this in a long time so it is quite possible I am imagining it.




        I have also wondered about this. I just tried and it works exactly as Dave describes. I haven't gone back to check the old workouts though.