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    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new runner, having decided that I wanted to become good at something and look after my health a bit more. I've done a bit of training on the treadmill but find that when I go out on the road I get a real pain in my shin that last for a while after I've stopped running, and makes running very painful. I've entered a 5km race in Liverpool in September, and I can run this in 33mins on the treadmill, but really want to get out on the street more! I do stretches before and after my runs, but does anybody know a good way to stop this pain or if it's a common occurence? I know very little about running! Thanks Jill.
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      Hi Jill, Your description sounds a lot like shin splints. Believe it or not, your running form changes when you go from treadmill to the road. For example, how your foot strikes the ground might be different. Running outside might be more taxing on the body because the ground is harder than the treadmill. Perhaps you should reduce your distance when you're running outside until your body gets used to the hard pavement. You should also run a little slower as well. There's a thread in the Health and Nutrition forum called shin splints. You might be able to get more information from there. Good luck!
        Mile Collector's advice is sound. His comment about your form changing from treadmill to hard surface is correct. The fact that the treadmill helps "pull" you along also affects the mechanics of your running gait. Without a long and detailed (and probably boring) explanation, your calf muscles do not develop the same on a treadmill as they do running on a solid surface. That's not to say a treadmill is not of benefit--it is. Just be aware that at some point, you need to actually train in the conditions and on the surface you will be running. Good luck with the race, and let us know how it went.
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          Thanks! Am off out to a specialist running store in Liverpool this afternoon to get some better trainers, so I'll ask the shop assistant about it too. I'll let you know how I get on, but it's not until September so I've got plenty of time to build up.
            Good luck! And don't be shy about posting here! Janell

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              Hey, I hope you like running. It helps me relieve alot of my stress. In my opinion, if you want a good run, go through woods. ITS A BLAST!!

                I suggest getting the Bengay patches, and wearing one on your shins before and after your run. They will heal eventually, but will come back if you take a long enough break from running. Make your runs a little shorter for a week or so, and cut it to about 3 times a week (run, take a day off (walk or bike), etc. ) I'd suggest walking before your runs too.. that will warm your muscles up. Also, dont over stretch before you run, but make sure to stretch really well after you run (especually the fronts of your legs and shins). It happens to all of us. I guess I'm just used to it, but if it hurts extremely bad it could be more serious.. a stress fracture (if so, dont run!). Anyway, best of luck, and remember ENJOY YOUR RUN....you should look forward to your next run..not dreading it. Wink
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                  Thanks! Am off out to a specialist running store in Liverpool this afternoon to get some better trainers, so I'll ask the shop assistant about it too.
                  This sounds good.. I was about to chime in "and maybe get some new/fresh shoes?" but looks like you're already planning on it. I think a really common mistake for new runners (myself included when I started) is not replacing shoes often enough (with both mileage and with age). You might also try running on grass (a golf course?) when you run outside, at least to start with. I find that the soft terrain is a little more forgiving, and the 'unevenness' (is that a word?) makes my legs/feet grow stronger. (Of course, if you twist an ankle, that doesn't help things either! Big grin) Best of luck and keep us informed of your progress! Smile

                    What are some good shoes you recommend to a new runner?

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                      What are some good shoes you recommend to a new runner?
                      Ones that fit well... If you don't already have a pretty good idea what sort of foot structure you have, as well as any pronation issues, then I would go to a dedicated running store and have them help you choose the right shoe. They will get you into the right size (and width, arch support, etc.) and then have you run around in a few different shoes to see what type of gait you have. From there they can help you determine which shoe is going to meet your needs best in terms of the amount of running you are doing, as well as biomechanical stuff. Smile k

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