2013 Sub-19 5K (Read 1932 times)


    Actually I'm also thinking about jumping into a local race on December 22. I'm not sure how serious they are though: they promise church choirs every mile and eggnog at mile markers. Smile

      Yeah, that's something to think about, particularly with 5Ks --- you don't know what you'll get with some of them.  There was a long thread recently on letsrun.com about a race where parents who didn't know any better lined their little kids up at the very front of the pack in a 5K, then yelled at a runner who suggested it might be safer to move back.


      Of course, sometimes you're surprised the other way --- my last 5K was a tiny new race to raise funds for an elementary school, but it was super well run and more competitive than I expected.  There were only about 100 runners, but my 19:27 was only good for about 20th.

        Close, but no cigar. 19:05 this morning. Here's to hopefully crushing sub 19 early in 2013!

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          I'd like to jump on board, though I don't expect to approach sub-19 till much later in 2013.. I've got some base building to do for a HM in May and will only truly focus on 5k afterward, though I'm sure there'll be plenty of 5ks subbed in for quality days. I just got under 20 today, a PR, so there's much work to be done anyhow. Time for a new goal. I'll be 37 before this year is out.

            I've got a 5 mile race tomorrow so I did a pacemaking job at the 5k this morning and went round in a nominal 22 mins. Actually arrived about 15 secs ahead of schedule - which I guess is a kind of pace-making failure - I blame my garmin Smile


            Surprising how easy 22 feels when you're used to going round a couple of minutes faster.

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              Decided against the race this weekend and it was a good call because I was not feeling the best. 

              Did a 12 mile training run instead and really struggled in the last 6.

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                Took 3rd in a slow-field for my 5K Jinglebell race.  19:25 (unofficial).  Pretty slow course through a spongy field and large-gravel road.  But I'm happy with the results.  It was a 'race' for 3rd.  And that felt much better than the weak time.

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                  @NACN: That is close.  I expect you'll get the next one.


                  @Stadjack: congrats on the 3rd place!


                    Nice racing stadjak, and NANC. One of you almost got the time, the other was racing for position! I only did that a few times, but it is more fun than racing for time, that is definitely true.


                    I won't run that 5K on the 22nd after all. Family program takes priority.

                      I would like to play here! I did run an 18:20 back in June before getting into marathon training but I am looking to get back to the shorter stuff next year (bloody marathon hurts too much!) and try to get faster. One of my first goals will be getting another sub 19 for sure.

                        I might have done this last night.  Garmin was dead so I don't have my own time.  The big clock said 18:56 but the guy I finished next to had 19:00 on his watch, so will have to see what the results say when they come out later this week...

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                            Mark, thanks for starting the thread.  I'm definitely in for a sub-19 in 2013, but I don't know exactly when I'll be ready to go for it.  It'll be fun -- and motivating! -- watching others, though, as I get myself in shape.


                            Oh, and I turn 50 in the spring.  Ran a 19:29 in JUN2012, though -- my fastest since the Reagan years.

                            FWIW: I ran 16:15 "back in the day" -- i.e., about 30 years ago.  My fastest 5k since I started running again in SEP2009 is 19:26, set two weeks ago.  Score that as you desire for the Big Table of High Hopes.

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                              The race on the 1st ended up being an off-road race, through a golf course, and in 4  inches of snow!  Not even close to sub 19, but my 22:14 was good enough for 4th place.  I think I'll wait until spring to make another attempt.

                                Put me down - training wont start really for another couple months as I heal up but this is definitely a goal for this year.


                                I did go sub-19 last year on 5/30/12 (18:52) but really want to do it again to show myself that wasn't just a fluke.