need shoe recomendation (Read 36 times)


    need a shoe with a wide toe box

    ideally looking for a shoe like the Altra but soft like the Pegasus 38 (Peg is too tight  in toe area).

    need a shoe that doesnt change my natural stride.

      Have you checked out reviews of Topo shoes? They are similar to Altra in design. I've never tried any on, myself.


      I heard a short remark from a shoe-person that the main difference between men's and women's lasts (shoe shape form) is that women's are narrower heel and wider forefoot. Possibly try on women's shoes that are in your size?


      (obviously I don't know your gender, maybe you are already trying on women's shoes by default! )

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      Why is it sideways?

        I also like a wide toe-box. I've been running in Atreyus. Price is right and the upper is loose-fitting.