Plastic electrodes Peeling Away... (Read 49 times)

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    I have a Garmin Heart Rate chest strap monitor, Model # HRM3-SS; I purchased it last year and have noticed the plastic electrodes that make contact with your skin are starting to peel off. I've contacted Garmin about this and they are sending me a new soft strap, less the monitor; I'll continue to use the original monitor with the new soft strap.


    Anyone else have this problem with the soft strap?


    I'm hoping this is just a one-time issue, but I'm also seeing cracking in the plastic sections of the strap, both under and on either side of the attachable sensor/monitor.




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      I have two straps (one of the monitor's failed on me) - I use either of the straps everyday almost, often twice a day.  Wash weekly maybe in the laundry... i've never seen any wear and tear that is noteable.


      One is almost two years old, other.... 9 mo maybe?

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