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    So I am up to 10 miles on my long runs on my way up to 14 before my HM on June 9.  So my question as my run start taking over 1:45 when/how should I add supplements?  I haven't really felt any exhaustion/dehydration or symptoms of heat problems so far although it hasn't been above 75F on any run since I started in Oct.  I am a very heavy sweater but never have had any heat injuries, including my time in the military and high school athletics.  I drank 1 cup of water during my recent 15K because I was walking though the water stop anyway but I didn't need it nor would it have made any difference if I skipped it.  I want to make sure I can tolerate them if I need them as I get closer to 2 - 2:15 in duration.  So is it better to just get used to them even if you don't "need" them or just wait until you start feeling a need for them and figure out the best way to keep from it once the symptons begin to appear.  I hope that question/explanation makes sense to someone.

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      Yeah, I think I understand you. As to replacing water and electrolytes, they are both needed but you can't use the same method of replacing them. in other words, you can't "wait" until you think you need electroytes to replace them, but to some degree you can replace this way with water. If you are going to be out running for 2:15-2:30 max, then you don't need to worry about replacing electroytes; but make sure you have been eating a good balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables up to your race (an obvious tip, I know). as for salt, same. you don't need to replace on the course (other than what is in the gatorade-type stuff they should offer on the course) just make sure to have some in your body pre-race, like the day or two before about. as for water, you may not need much, especially if it's a cool race. if it's in the 60-75ish degree range though then you should probably take some sports drink after an hour and then every 2 miles or so (small amounts, like half the cup they offer you). hope this helps, message me if you need additional help.

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        If you don't feel you need them, maybe you really don't need them, especially for a half.  There's evidence that electrolyte drinks are pretty much snake oil, anyway.  I ran 17 miles this morning with just a few swallows of water before I left, no food, nothing during the run.  Got back in fine shape.  Drinking plenty now to replenish.  If it was hotter, obviously, it would be another matter.

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          It is my unscientific impression that people vary. Here's one data point. I was out in low 80s today, mostly sunny, for maybe an hour and a half. I didn't take anything, but I stopped at several water fountains for several mouthfuls of water in the later half of the run. Two other runners covered about the same distance - one had a drink halfway (& forgot to try taking a gu) - one didn't drink at all.

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            We are all different, so you will need to filter accordingly. 


            I sweat off about seven pounds before I slow down noticeably, so I only bring water when I expect to sweat more than that.  That allows me to run about 12 miles on a hot day up to 20 miles on a cool day without carrying water.  I sweated off over eight pounds once on a training run, and my heart rate was 30 BPM higher than normal for the distance and speed.  Tempo heart rate and perceived effort, but only slow easy speed. 


            I find that Gatorade goes down a little easier than plain water, so I usually bring Gatorade.  I tried electrolytes once (Succeed), but they did nothing for me. 


            I ran my last half marathon without taking in any liquids.  It was a cold day, with blowing snow.  They served Powerade at my last marathon.  My stomach started to complain after the second cup, so I alternated Powerade and water for the rest of the race. 


            Your training runs are a good time to find if supplements will help. 

              Yeah it is hard to tell someone else what to do. Sure you may not have to take anything but is your performance going to be better if you do? Only way to know is to experiment with them. I've done a lot of runs with friends where I have taken different stuff. Today I ran another long run but did so without any water or GU. It was a cool day but I know I would have performed better with water and GU. Sometimes it is just good to run by yourself and without taking anything. My friends will not be running with me in the race so I know I have to be able to push myself. Plus I know I can run without anything but know the GU will give me that extra boost when I need it Hopefully that makes some sense and helps. Bottom line: we are all an experiment of one so go experiment!!!!

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