2006 Cherry Blossom Run in Washington D.C. Map (Read 766 times)


    Just going to let any other participants (or the curious) know that I've mapped out the 2006 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run (April 2, 2006) in my courses, should anyone want to view it. I was hoping for some good elevation info, but it seems the elevation info is a bit wonky. Confused -Michael (Sonofray)

      Michael, Hey man, I am running the race this weekend, and elevation is mostly flat with a few hills here and there. The long hill is through miles 5 and 6 but is very gradual. Good thing is at the turnaround (mile 6.5) you get to go back down the hill. What goes up really does go back down again, at least most of the time. Big grin Chris

        Thanks Chris! Happy running!

          Ran a 1:38, ... at a whopping 9:50 per mile. Hey, I reached my goal of ..well, ... not stopping! Big grin Hope everyone else had a ball. 60 degrees and sunny. it was awesome.