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    This time last year, I couldn't walk. I broke both knees within 5 months of each other and my ortho surgeon wanted me to focus on being able to walk properly. One year later, I am not only walking, but "running" !


    My friend introduced me to trail running. It took about 3 months of poking and prodding to get me to agree. This was my first week and I'm addicted. Ran 25 miles this week!


    My first 5K is middle of August. My goal is to finish it :-)

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      Trail running is so awesome...no wonder you're addicted!  One of my very favorite races was a trail relay I took part in last month...6 of us sharing ~78 often very challenging, but gorgeous miles.  What a blast!

      If you did 25 miles this week, then the 5k should be no problem for you--best of luck and have a great time! Smile

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        Dayum!  25 mi is some kind of proper mileage! Your next goal race is going to go well, unless something really bizarre happens (like food poisoning the night before - don't ask me how I know)


        And dare I ask...what's next?


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          25 miles a week.Good job. Why are you doing intervals back to back to back with no rest day? To prevent injury your training probale needs to be more of a wavey line rather than parallel  or  diagonal. Take a look at  zoom- zoom's log .




          Overtraining Detective--good info about causes of injury and illness

          Run until the trail runs out.

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            WOW!!  You did 25mi a week training for a 5k!  Remember not to underestimate yourself in the race, as that is a very common problem with newer runners...  Good Luck!!

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