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    Christopher Walken as Han Solo.


    Would have been fun to get a "Christopher Walken speech" in the middle of a star wars movie.


    I got a fever and it needs more wookie.


       Ross Perot and Oat Willie in the same post.......interesting.

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        Ohh, this one is brilliantly confusing.  It's a pdf, but worth it!




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          The history of social networking!


          RIP Friendster...



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              For the engineers in the audience!


              Realities of Engineering


                Many of the pictures from that Engineering Infographic come from my school and I have taken almost all of those classes.


                The most disappointing was aircraft design.

                Miles to Go

                  America According to Twitter


                  See how they run...




                    I never stretch before a workout.

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                      Did I post a sunscreen one already?




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                        Happy Thanksgiving Trent!!


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                          You too Finn.  You too.


                          Deferring Maturity

                            The state with the lowest obesity rate was one of the ones with the highest small business failures. The state with the lowest small business failure rate was one of those with the highest obesity rate. I'm guessing most small businesses are food related.

                             I am a former commercial banker that financed small businesses in six of the seven states identified as having the highest small business failures.  Of those six states, five (Maine, Vermont, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming) have relatively few businesses that are not small businesses.  Therefore, the failure rate information would be more meaningful if based on a percentage of total small businesses in the state rather than per capita.  But, to your point - yes, many restaurants fail (as I know too well having had to workout a few), as do retail stores, and convenience stores.  As my first lending manager once said:  "it isn't a question of if a convenience store will fail, it's only a question of when."

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