Oink, Oink….. It's that time again... (Read 84 times)

    Who's running the "Nati" Flying Pig?  I live local and have run the Pig Half the last two years.  I always  wanted the Flying Pig to be my first full marathon and this year it will be!  Training has sucked given our fabulous winter here…  but I'm always optimistic.  I just want to finish - regardless, it will be a PR for me 


    Gang Name "Pound Cake"

      I'm running it. It will my first as well and an automatic PR.

      - Scott

      2014 Goals: First Marathon - BQ2016 <3:40 (3:25:18) - 1/2M <1:45 - 5K <22:00

      2014 Marathons: 05/04 Flying Pig (3:49:02) - 09/20 Air Force (BQ 3:25:18) - 11/01 Indianapolis Monumental

        I'm doing the full as well.  First full in 2 1/2 years.

          I'll be doing the full again. 4th year in a row. LOVE The Pig!