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Imminent Catastrophe

    I've changed my mind about the cellphone/no cellphone thing. I never carried one prior to my 100-miler because I'm such a Luddite (except for my GPS with Heart Rate Monitor), but was glad I had it because I was behind schedule (well, that's never happened before) and called my pacer with a new ETA.

    In Boston I was not planning to carry a cellphone but decided at the last minute to take it because it's lighter than my camera and takes decent photos. I hadn't planned to use it as a phone.

    DW had planned to watch me finish, then meet me a few blocks away. Since I finished faster than I'd expected (a rare occasion) she wasn't yet there to see me so she didn't know I had finished and was still waiting near the finish line, many minutes past when I'd told her to expect me. After awhile I called her and we met up.

    Here's the important thing: She had been waiting to see me finish at the Starbucks where the first bomb went off. Would she have waited there for 45 minutes? Probably not, but still, I'm sure glad I had that cellphone on Monday.

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      Reminds me of a post I once made on Cellphones and should folks carry them during a race about a year ago.  (Was on another site though where this was discussed).  As a new poster, got my a$$ ripped off and handed to me for posting that idea!  Ah well. :-)  Was one heck of a resounding "no" at the time I posted that question, I wonder if thoughts have changed on the idea of having one with you.  --- Note how one of the race participants shown on one of the news networks was recording her finish just as the bomb went off.... Now if she did not have her phone with her, well...


      All those pieces are going to come together quickly to determine who placed the bombs.  Will be interesting to see if the "key" to the case was surveillance from stores, spectators filming, or perhaps a runner recording their approach to the finish...

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