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    I need some advise from fellow runners. I recently got back into jogging and did about 2 laps around my block for 2.3 miles. I had no problem jogging these miles. How offen should I increase my distance.









      Consider that you need to run about 3 days a week, starting off.  This will give your body time to adapt to the pounding of running.  You're in better shape than many folks.  Why not try to run your 2.3 miles 3x this week, then begin increasing one run gradually to become your long run.  That way, you can build endurance.

      Michele in NC


        and then after a few weeks if feeling comfortable with the above plan add a 4th day & then continue on with same process/plan. continue this pattern for awhile (2-3 mths?) & then start looking around for a 5k to enter for motivation/fun.   good idea to change up routes & add an easy, short trail run every now & then too.  keep it as simple as that, no need to think about speed or pace for awhile, it will happen automatically with more miles/consistency- if feeling good maybe 1-2x/wk just kick it up a notch during last short homestretch.


          Thanks so much for the great info

          Beginner all over again

            Galloway seems to have a mild program.


            You might want to take a look at that.


            Hal Higdon has some too at various levels.



            Those sites for starters might give you something to consider.