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    Recently, I've encouraged my wife and 12 year old son to begin running. I have them on a couch to 5k plan. Our goal is to run together in a local 5k next month. An added incentive for my son is that we will buy him a Wii game if he trains for and runs the 5k. So far they've been good sports about it, and they seem to enjoy it, although my son moans sometimes before we get out there! Once we're running he really likes it and is very proud of himself when he finishes the days run. It has been hard to get them to run routinely 3 times per week, though, because other things always get in the way - soccer, meetings, etc. Has anyone else attempted this? What has been your experience? What has worked well for you to get the whole family (or at least some other family members!) out there running and enjoying it?

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      Hey, Joe (btw, good Hendrix tune, LOL), I started a related thread a while back. I'm hoping to get my son (6) running a mile or two with me from time to time. We have a Dog-n-Suds restaurant almost exactly a mile from our house, so I'm thinking I might entice him for lunch there maybe once every week or two. I'm glad my son doesn't know about Wii, yet--lunch is much cheaper! Wink My only regret is that no one near us does any 1 mile fun runs for kids. I think my son could do very well in a little 1 mile race. He has energy and endurance to spare. My hubby is a cycling nut, so between the two of us we hope our son comes to embrace endurance sports. Smile k

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        This is an issue that I hope to tackle in the coming years. I have some time since my son is only 18 months old, but I really want him to be an active child. The statistics on obese kids are alarming, and he has some genetic factors to work against. It seems the best plan is to make sure it is fun as opposed to difficult. Nobody likes to run when they think they HAVE to. Keep it light and enjoyable. Who knows, maybe you're creating a future RA'er.
          Our local running club has a kid's summer running program. My three youngest have done it for the past couple of years and love it. They break up into age groups and run some sort of workout then, based on age, they play running games. The kids are all having fun while they get some mileage in. Smile They encourage the kids to participate in a one mile run on the Fourth of July and a fun run at the end of the summer. You might check with your local club and see if they do anything like that. My kids love it and are always happy when we go to other races and see people they know or have people cheering for them that remember them from the running club. Actually the kids started this before dh and I started running. Smile This year dh and I will be helping to coach the program. Last summer we ran a lot of events together as a family. We had a Team Barton website and this year we're designing Team Barton singlets. Smile There were even a couple of events last summer where Team Barton swept away the competition and each one of us brought home a trophy. Big grin Okay, they were really small events and not a whole lot of competition but the kids loved it. Even Lily (legitimately) won a trophy for her first one mile race. Twelve minute mile in the 6 and under category when she was three and there were a lot of kids running. We have a shelf where we display all the medals and trophies and the kids love showing them off. The kids like it as long as it's fun. We don't push it. If they don't want to run with us, that's fine. We do it without them. My 8yo did her first 5K with one of her friends. They had a blast doing it together and having a friend involved kept it fun. I'd say just keep it fun. Pick out some fun races. We did one at the Air Guard base where you ran an out and back down the runway.My 8yo and I are doing one next week for a local Exotic Feline Rescue Center where the course winds around through the enclosures of tigers and lions. We also look for races where the age groups are 12 and under instead of 14 and under. That way my 8 yo and 11 yo aren't competing against high school athletes. Gives them a shot at placing in their age group. We're looking at doing one while we are on vacation that ends up at a party on the beach. Keeping it fun for the kids keeps it more fun for the grownups too. Wink Teresa