running and having to take a dump (Read 3076 times)

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    there is a reason I wear a bandana Wink when I'm running around town I make sure I'm passing a couple of DD shops so if the need arises I'm all set. In the woods, well.... again the bandana

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      I usually run in the morning. If I wasn't able to go before I leave the house, I will pick a route where I know there are some toilets.
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        Wanna read my story?
        Wow that picture is really gross. Really he should have stopped at a port-of-potty and cleaned up. Disgusting. BTW, I have started sewing in extra pockets to all my shorts using an old technical fabric shirt. Works great to carry some toilet paper.



          Craig, I'll let your mind guess on that one. Clowning around


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            This is the reason that when I run in the morning I wait until an hour after I get up to go out. First I must flush the system out with coffee, then wait a while to make sure there are no stragglers. Then I go out.
            Yup. Me too. I drink some coffee first thing. In fact, I set the coffee pot up at night and set it to automatically brew so it'll be ready. I live about 20 miles outside of town, and often drive in to meet a running group for at 6 am -- so I wake at 4:45, drink some coffee right away, get dressed, drive in, and usually have to urgently stop at a gas station restroom (I have favorite ones that I know are reliably clean) before I get to the rendezvous. I think there's a pavlovian component. On mormings I'm not driving in to run, I rarely have an urgent need to go on my way in. On running mornings, it's like clockwork -- I feel the urge and have just enough time to get to the potty. If I run from home, it's not so urgent because I run on rural roads, and have plenty of private spots to stop. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

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              Craig, I'll let your mind guess on that one. Clowning around
              You don't want my mind anywhere around there. Evil grin

              Janie, today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go f*** himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus.

                200 yards of pinched-cheeks hell.
                Yabut that's a great core workout

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                  Okay, how about 3 times in one run? And that's happened to me more than once! I guess God does have a sense of humor & I need to be reminded that I am NOT in control. Also, just a funny little aside..I was reminded of a time we went camping & my 11 yo (at the time) son & I went hiking & he had to poop...nothing to wipe with but rocks...Yep, he used a big boulder! The next day, I was prepared & brought a baggie with a couple of wipes ( or what I thought were wipes, anyway). Yep, he needed to poop again, but when he opened the bag he found they were dryer sheets, not wet wipes! And, I am sitting here laughing as hard now as I write this as I did when he yelled out "Well at least I'll smell good!"
                    this topic is addressed in some books although with nicer wording, however, that said, you should try to go to the bathroom before your race, hopefully about 2 hours or before, I usually drink coffee first thing and then just use a gel before the race or workout. So if a race starts at 7:30, then I am up at 4:00 am drinking coffee and warming up and stretching some,now addressing the question, if you in a wooded area, just jump in there otherwise if you have a problem with consistent bathroom issues, then you should know your bathroom stops like you know your route. I might even carry some 99.9 percent hand cleaner in a bag in a pocket.

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                      Thank all of you so much for this thread!!! It is my contention that my continued reading of this thread caused me to make a visit to the corn field this morning. I have been a number of other places before this but not for quite awhile. I did not take my normal saran wrapped rolled up peices of toilet paper today because it didn't seem necessary. Corn stalk leaves make a poor substitute. I place the blame directly on anyone who has participated in this conversation!!! Angry Wink


                        You're welcome, Biggie! Big grin


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                          Ack, why won't coffee work for me??
                          Psyllium husks work for me, and before anyone questions which orifice they go to, you put a 1/2 teaspoon to a full teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it down real fast. I usually do it at night before a long a run and it provides a predictable poopy every AM. You can find psyllium in bulk, no pun intended, in health food stores and it is reasonably inexpensive.
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                            Thanks, Aimster, I will give that a try!
                              I just want to chime in with my agreement about BURYING! I've just started backpacking a little bit and it's always heavily emphasized that you get at least a hundred feet away from the trail, and that you definitely bury your business. Not to mention that you don't go near running water, but that's not really relevant in urban environments. Anyways, if burying is important out in the wilderness I'd think it's even more important closer to civilization. And so far coffee has kept me running without problems.


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                                I just want to chime in with my agreement about BURYING! .
                                But that's hard to do on the sidewalk!

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