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Gotta Flee Em All

    I do most of my forums surfing from this page - http://runningahead.com/forums The columns Topics & Posts are not very useful for me, and take up screen real estate. What would be far more useful is a way to jump directly to the last page of the most recent thread. The same is true when looking at a specific forum topic are, such as this - http://runningahead.com/forums/forum/4bdf0e39dc3040ce987b376ae1b3c4cb If I want to go to the last post, or a page in the middle, I have to open the thread, then wait for the page to load, then go to the page I want. Most other forums I use list the page numbers as selectable links so I can go directly to page 3. This is an issue when big threads, such as this one, load slowly. This is confusing too, since the column is labeled "Last Post" but clicking there takes me to the first post.