When do I replace my Altra's? (Read 266 times)


     I am a newbie but I have owned my Altra Intuitions for about 9 months. I stared using them to run on a treadmill but gave up after about 3 months due to life getting in the way. I continued wearing my Altra's on a daily basis as just regular sneakers. I am back to running on a treadmill and am making progress. The problem is I am beginning to have backaches and calve pain on my left side. My doctor thinks it is the shoes and that they may need replaced. Money is an issue right now and my husband is all for me eventully getting new shoes but is questioning why I need them. He wants to know what the difference is between me running in minimalist shoes that are worn down and vibrams? I don't have an answer to that and I realize it is probably dumb to most of you but can you help a newbie out? If I am wearing minimalist shoes (that look great just by looking at them) why do I need to replace them when they seem like they would just be equal to barefoot shoes?

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      You may have worn down your Altras in odd places because you've been doing things other than running in them.  Obviously, walking form and running form are very different. 


      Your aches and pains could also be normal from getting back to running, or could be a form issue. 


      If you're running on the treadmill exclusively, you don't need as much shoe as the Altras are in my opinion.  You could simply use a pair of socks, or try zero shoes (formerly invisible shoes) or something similar, which are very inexpensive.  You could probably find a pair of VFFs without spending much money right now too. 










        IMHO, if you run on your own treadmill you don't need shoes.  Me and my wife have been doing this, of course in the beginning we just wanted to keep the belt clean and possibly save some shoes.  But we found it's more comfortable that way.  So far there is no downside found.