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    If you woke up today thinking I wish a stranger on the internet would post a single workout for me to predict their 5k potential then today is your lucky day!!!


    I'm running a 5k next weekend and haven't ever really raced a 5k since being in running shape as I have been focusing on longer distances so am having trouble coming up with a good time goal.  Just kind of a ball park of what would be a good goal?  I know these things are kind of hard to predict.


    I have been pretty consistently been running 50 miles per week lately and over the past year and half or so. I have gotten up to 60 a couple times recently.  I have been doing a couple of quality sessions per week.


    Yesterday I had a workout:

    set 1: 8 x 1k with 90 second recovery walk (splits: 3:55, 3:51, 3:51, 3:53, 3:55, 3:54, 3:56, 4:00... the pace come out between 6:12-6:26 with an average of 6:17).  I don't think I raced these but it was a pretty decent effort.  I think I got slower at the end since I remembered I had a second set.


    recovery between sets: 3 min jog


    set 2: 300m (63, 64, 67, 64) with 200m recovery jog


    If you have any other questions just let me know.

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      Well...plugging in your last 1/2 mar & 10K times into the race time predictor here in the Tools spits out a 21:15 5K, but it looks like you outran that in your workout yesterday.


      mta: I am supremely unqualified to offer anything for running at these paces, and now am regretting it.  Ignore this.

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        how about 3x1 mile repeats with 60sec jog in-between?


        Do you do much/any speed work?


        If you are mostly focused on the longer distances, the half, and marathon, I think running a fast 5k might be tough/feel really hard, but you can always go out at your estimate and see where the chips fall after 2 miles...


        use that 10k/half to estimate...or that recent workout...


        good luck, let us know the results!

        300m- 37 sec.

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          I'll bite. If "race effort" means beyond comfortably hard, but less than all out then I'd guess you could duck under 20 minutes. The mental part may be the bigger wildcard though given that you haven't raced one in a while.


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              Wasn't there a guy in here that ran time trials once a week?


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                I am supremely unqualified to offer anything for running at these paces, and now am regretting it.  Ignore this.


                Dude, people hit internet message boards expressly for unqualified opinions. You're good.

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                  I should have made a prediction without looking at your log. I don't follow directions. That 2 miler on the 1st has me curious.



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                    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have been doing 2 speed workouts a week.  I'm training for a marathon but started doing faster stuff recently.   The two miler was somewhat of a time trial but I'm not sure how accurate it was.. I was told to do the first mile slower (6:50) and then speed up the second if I could.  I tried to go as slow as possible the first mile but ended up like 6:30 something I think, went 6:06 or so the last mile with the last lap at 5:45.  I ended up feeling like I had a lot left at the end.  It was also 0 degrees and I had a ton of layers on making it harder to run fast I think..


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                        You may want to post this on our 2019 team page. Onemile can probably give you some good insight.

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                          Sunflower, I would have a ton of questions for you including are you male or female but I will guess your time based on what I see as others have.  Your easy 16 - 20 milers under 8 min pace over last year sure indicate a sub 20 min 5K to me. This means you are fit if you truly consider these long runs fairly easy. When I was under 20 min 5K I never ran a long run (mine are 9-10 miles) at under 8 min pace and you cruise along without any major HR spikes through out.  Your recent time trial and 8 X 1K  speed work out exudes crazy confidence to do sub 20 min 5K. I would prefer you jog between those 1K intervals BTW. Based on that, most would bet on sub 20...….however......


                          You had a solid 3:30 marathon last year (was it warm) which translates to sub 22 min 5K but a FULL is not a good indicator of 5K performance.  However, when you jumped into half or a 10K, your times were a bit underwhelming (no disrespect).  The 1:35 was solid the other 2 not as much (heat??). 10K time underwhelming.  There is no doubt you are aerobically fit.....you have not taken off time from running.....no apparent injuries......you have been very consistent..... This bodes well for spring, summer and Fall racing ahead as all these miles add to your base.


                          I think you are more fit now than mid point last year but that Oct HALF perplexes me. Was it crazy hot?  Anyway, you don't have to answer but my feeling is you are not a seasoned racer or your training is not optimal to prepare you for optimum race times. OR the mental component of racing is holding you back a bit.  None of this is out of the norm so don't feel bad about it. You are doing great and you will continue to get better the more racing and training you do. Know that.


                          I do think you need more variety in your training but with you being so aerobically fit and this being the core of what your race times should be.....I just feel your times should continue to get better with more racing. I think you need to get in tune with your pacing, your fitness at the time of your race and dealing with the mental part of racing, its discomforts and ability to fight and gut it out.You also have to "believe" and trust your fitness.  More 5K racing will help you with all that. It really will and will give you a decent indicator of your marathon capability and also helps with training paces.  AND you recover pretty quickly from these shorter races.


                          Based on what I see and mainly past performance, I will go with 20:13.   There is no doubt, you are fit enough for faster. Prove me wrong and crush 20 min which should be your goal. Go our at 6:30 pace which will feel a bit easy first few minutes but don't deviate. With 1.5 miles left, you have plenty of time speed up and finish strong. Good luck and report back.

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                            Thanks for the thoughtful reply.  Some of my races I don't race but do as training runs or just run easy.  I also had to take 3 weeks off in the fall since I had an injury.  I think I have a good idea now though.  Thanks for the help everyone!


                              Wasn't there a guy in here that ran time trials once a week?


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