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    I'm closing in on the last miles of the final pair of the original 1400 racing flats. It has become more and more difficult to find them online, and now I'm forced to search for a racing flat to replace them. I'm not a fan of the later versions of the 1400's (v2-v4), and would like to hear what shoes others have switched to?

    The 1400's have served me well for all race distances, 5k - marathon.

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      I think the v4 is closest to the original - you say you've tried that and didn't like it?  I also like the zante v1 and v2, but the v1 felt a little too squishy and flexible to use as a racing flat.  The v2 feels firmer, but I have not run in it.  I use the 1500v1 and v2 for workouts and trail races.  They are technically a stability shoe, but the fit and heel drop feel similar to the 1400s and honestly, I don't think they feel much more supportive than the 1400 despite having the stability post.  Then there's the 1600, much thinner than the 1400 but a true racing flat.  I really like the new NB line and haven't felt the need to try another brand just yet.


      I'd suggest trying the 1500 and 1600 - maybe you wear the 1600 for 5k and shorter and 1500 for 10k and longer.

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        Thank you for that very detailed feedback. I agree, I like New Balance, and prefer to stay with the brand. I'll do some research on the 1500, and 1600 series and give them a try. Thank you! Smile

        The Phoenix has risen! Recovered from my injury, and kickin' serious asphalt once again!

          I love the 1400s too. Im sure I have more than 1000 miles on each pair of mine. Just purchased the NB Vazee. Its okay. Was super cheap. So hard to argue with that. But, definitely not the 1400. I do have a pair of Inov-8s that are also okay. Between these two shoes I cobble together my tempo runs. But, I dont think I would race in either pair. In some ways I like training in a slightly heavier pair of shoes than something I would actually race in.

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