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    I recently started to change how I train. I have been struggling with sore Achilles for a long time, over a year, and have tried almost everything. Since starting to run again after almost a 6 month r&r period and focusing on slow and easy, I have noticed that they still bother me after several miles no matter how easy I go. I got got sucked into a track/sprinting workout w my teenage son and was very surprised when the day after my Achilles did not hurt at all(or at least not anymore than before the workout). I have since started to do more speed work, in very small amounts. An example would be: 1 mile warmup, ~4 x 200(focus on fast and smooth, not quite all out), box jumps, 10x20yd starts, and 100 yds lunges. I usually finish with another mile or two at a very easy pace. I have also started to play soccer once a week, and do random calf drops throughout the week. After all this time injured I don't expect to see quick results, but slow and easy all the time wasn't working so I felt I had to try something else. After just a few weeks, I have noticed a change in leg strength, and am hoping this wil translate into stronger Achilles as well.

    Any thoughts or constructive criticisms are much appreciated.

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      Have you changed shoes? Sometimes that can be a culprit. It can also help changing up what surface you run on. If you've been running on sidewalks, try running on grass or gravel paths.

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        I rotate between 4 different pairs of shoes. I run on the track, streets, and just recently the soccer field.