What do you do with your race stuff (bib, medal, pictures, etc) (Read 3243 times)


    I think I'm going to put my Sweet Jacket in a shadow box.


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    Merry Christmas!

      Pin it up on my  wall. My entire wall is so filled up with stuff, especially ribbons, bibs, and pictures.

      I wish I was as young as I look in the forum picture! But I'm not. :(


        I used to keep my medals and trophies on a table near the front door, but it all got packed in a box during a move a few years ago.  I need to find that box so I can pack more stuff away l got in the meantime.


        One day l shall create an homage to myself with it.  

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          I have a shelf in my office with memorabilia containing more than just running. Awards received while working for Lockheed Martin, dog tags I wore in Vietnam, Seabee hats, Awards running teams I captained won, and the medals from my half marathons. One medal I wear everyday - its a buckle - which is the Fort Marathons medal from my first Half Marathon. I also have the volunteer victim ID tag from an Urban Shield first responder exercise.


          One of these days I should do something more with them but... if I last long enough... LOL

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            My marathon finisher medals, half marathon finisher medals, matathon (nice misspelling on that one) and some age group winner medals are in a drawer along with my dog tags a section of barb wire from GITMO and stuff from a mission to Tunisia as well ass other assorted bits of life. To find them all I need do is move the leaf blower & weedwacker out of the way. Hmmm maybe I'll do a holiday 10K this weekend.

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              I save my pins from race numbers in the center console of my car so that if I'm at a race where they run out or just don't have them I am all set and can hook up club members/friends.


              All my other race junk gets thrown in a big pile in the disaster zone that my landlord called the second bedroom when I checked out the apartment. When I win a race, I'll leave the trophy out on the dining room table for about 3.5 hours which is about as long as it takes before my wife yells at me to clean up after myself Smile

                When I had my own desk at work I used to pin up all my bibs at my workstation. Now that I am a mobile/teleworking employee, can't do that anymore, so I have them in an envelope. I'd like to do something creative with them one day. 


                I have half my medals in a box somewhere, and my more recent ones hanging on a mirror above my dresser. 

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                  Most of that stuff is currently in a wicker basket on top of the chest of drawers.  I am looking for a good way to display them...I also am new enough to running that I still don't view the medals as throwaway items (though it would be for my personal gratification - I'm also not one to take them out and show them off every chance I get).


                  I also keep all of my bibs; I like to write memorable tidbits from each race on the back.  Gonna scrapbook them someday...

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                    I have kept all my bibs.  I can't imagine why; I don't even write on them.  Maybe I can put 'em all together and make a Tyvek house wrap with them.

                    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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                      My first marathon, I did the shadow box display. 


                      I used to hang the medals with the kids trophies but those got boxed up and stored when we moved. 




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                        I see this is an old thread, but I'll play.


                        I save all my bibs and put them in an album with the race, times, info, etc. I have a custom medal hanger (from Metal Medal Hangers on etsy, if you are wondering) for my medals. I also have a gazillion safety pins all over my car. I'm saving them up for the future when I RD to save 30 cents on safety pins.




                          A friend of mine told me she puts magnetic tape on the back of her favorite medals and has them on her refrigerator!   This could work well for me.......Oh look there is that LA marathon medal...uh..I guess I won't have that ice cream after all


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                            Bibs: in the trash.


                            Medals: cut ribbon off, hang on Christmas tree, back into box when Christmas is over and the tree gets taken down


                            Pictures: The good folks at Brightroom, marathonfoto, and other similar outfits keep those, I don't usually buy them.


                            Pins: I'm a quilter. 'Nuff said.

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                              A friend of mine told me she puts magnetic tape on the back of her favorite medals and has them on her refrigerator!   This could work well for me.......Oh look there is that LA marathon medal...uh..I guess I won't have that ice cream after all


                              Ha! Nice.


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                                Spaniel thats very nice. They dont give out medals here for finishing ( except maybe one marathon ) so any booty is hard earned. Ive got 3 medals and one nice wood carved trophy on display in my home office. Race nos hanging with race time/distance written on them.

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