Return to running, after hip replacement, and 35 years (Read 6284 times)


    Hi there. I had a hip replacement on my left hip and gave up running which was a really hard thing to do. I love it so much. I am now running again and just did a 10K (WOO HOO!) after my friend did some research for me. There is a book called 'Running With A Hip Replacement' which she downloaded from Amazon for me. I don't know if it's available as a real book but it shows you how to run without jarring your hip. Wait I'll see if I can find it on Amazon... Here's the link (sorry it's huge).

    Good luck with your running!


    So, this book was published one week ago today (5-25-13) , and you've already read it and got back in to running and have run a 10K based on the info in it? Amazing!  You should probably go leave the very first review for it on Amazon!