The shirts are here! (Read 6338 times)


    BuckeyeGirl1, You can cancel your order and create a new one with the correct shirt size. I can cancel it for you too if you like. eric Smile
    That would be great...if you could go ahead and cancel it I would appreciate it. I'm going to get on and reorder it right now! Thanks for doing this...I can't wait to get my shirts!

    Come Run With Us!

      I don't know what I like more, the Men's-T or the woman showing off the shirt. I mean, she is HOT!!!! Wink
        The shirts are excellent. Got mine yesterday and wore it to the gym today. May have to order another one because $20 is a great price for the shirt.
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          Mine got here a couple days ago, and fits true to size (XS). It may actually be the ONLY item of clothing I own that fits the way it should. Unfortunately it's a little chilly to wear outside right now, or I'd wear it in this weekend's race, but I will definitely wear it this spring.

          IMKY13 finish!!

            When I order my shirt, I'm thinking of having my screen name (daytona306) put on it as well.

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              Hey - I am having trouble - I am from Canada and it looks like that is not set up yet. Leigh
                Leigh, I think Google was not functioning properly yesterday. Could you give it a try again? I've received several orders from Canada before. eric Smile

                wake me up!

                  Thansk Eric Got mine yesterday, no problem

                  Another Passion

                    Got mine today in the mail! Woohoo! Thank you Eric. Hopefully it will be warm enough on Thanksgiving day for me to wear it in a 10k race in Richmond. Big grin

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                      Got mine today. I'm happy. Cool
                        WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO GOT mine today!!! THANK YOU ERIC!!!! Fits PERFECT!

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                          Got mine today. Everyting worked perfect. Thanks Eric. DB

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                            Eric: Received my first shirt yesterday............well worth the wait. Very nice job on orangeman

                            Orange Man and Eric.

                              Hi Eric, I was able to put in my order on the second attempt. However, I had to complete the order all the way to the checkout, be declined once and then choose that I wanted to re-attempt the order and try again before it would go through! Hi Leigh - I'm from Canada too. Try the suggestion above and your order should go through! Cheers, Sabina Cool

                              madness baby

                                THANK YOU ERIC! It's a great tank! I normally wear an XS and I ordered a small, so it's true that girls should order up a size!