Key or Legend for Calendar (Read 58 times)


    Can you point me to a key for how data is presented on the calendar?


    I noticed some of my completed workouts are in a blue font while others are in a pinkish font.


    I concluded workouts still with a box are ones that were not completed, but for the life of me cannot figure out why the color difference.



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      The color coding is to show you which days on the display are in the current month.


      The days of the "active" month -- the month you are looking at in the calendar -- are the darker (blue) entries, and the lighter entries are the days outside the month you are viewing. (they are greyed out, rather than pink)

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        Thanks Milktruck...but I am talking about the difference within a particular month, whether it is current or previous.


        I am working from a training plan that I have entered, and I have a feeling it has something to do with whether or not the workout was planned and if it was done as originally specified.  But I cannot find any clear correlation to reach a conclusion.

          Pink if you've previously clicked on it. Blue if you haven't.




            Thanks Joann!


            Strange that doesn't clear if you refresh the page.


              They are hyperlinks.  By default browsers show unclicked on links as blue and clicked on links as pink or red. As long as your browser history shows you clicked on the link it will be displayed in pink or red.  You can change it back to blue by clearing your browser history.