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    Toe pain underneath the ball of my foot, on the outside, inside and bottom of my big toe.


    Very depressing. I've barely run since October due to plantar fasciitis and a back injury.


    Any ideas if the toe pain could be related to the pf?



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      Do you feel like your big toe's range of motion is somewhat limited?  It sounds like it could be turf toe, or hallux limitus.  I've had that in one foot for a couple years now.

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        Seasamoid fracture/stress fracture or sesamoiditis???  inflammation is common at sesamoids and in the soft tissue in that area. More than likely a bone scan will only show a stress fracture but I have seen fractures on x-rays but not as common. If fractured, tricky to heal.

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          It sounds like a toe sprain (turf toe) to me. Rest until there's no more pain (a few weeks) and/or tape your toes or use shoe cookies when you run.

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