How to fix a scratched watch (Read 47 times)

    Fixed a scratch on my watch today. Forerunner 620.


    Googled up how to fix scratched eye-glasses, because I figured if it's good for glasses, it's good for my watch, and decided to go with the baking soda recipe.

    Made a baking soda paste using 2 parts baking soda for 1 part water, mixed with a tooth pick and I rubbed it in circles with a soft cotton on the watch for about a minute. Rinsed the watch with faucet water, and it's brand new!!!


    There are other recipes also, with toothpaste, brass or silver polish, and so on. Dunno why I decided to try the baking soda and not the others, but hey, thought I'd share.

    The question is not "should I run today" but "how do I dress"?

      Now that you've fixed it you could put a tempered glass screen protector on it so it doesn't happen again. I've got one on my 235, works great.