I need your help finding a good HS race! (Read 418 times)


    Well hello, my name is Eli and I'll be a senior this season. I have the honor to help pick where the team travels this season to race for the top 20 boys and girls. We're from Tupelo HS in MS. Three years ago we traveled to Louisville, KY for the Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational, and for the last two years we raced at the Chile Pepper Festival in Arkansas. It usually takes anywhere from 8-14 hours on a charter bus to arrive at the destination. Anyhow, I need your help finding a good race for this season. I've spent the weekend looking but have come up short. We would like the time frame to be in mid September to early October. I appreciate any and all help, thanks! Cool

      Hi Eli,


      This website is what most folks use to look for and register for HS and college XC and track meets. You can search for meets there and look at past results: http://directathletics.com/


      Hope this helps.

      Spencer Davis

        Roy Griak Invitational in Minnesota, it's a bit further than you mentioned (google says 15h 30m by car) but it's a great meet with D1, D2, D3 races and 2 levels of high school racing.  Thousands of runners, real first class event.  

        Bruce Fischer

          University of Louisville is hosting D1 nationals this year, so the Greater Louisville Classic should be a very exciting meet this year. This years meet is on Sept 29th


          Here's a link to last years meet.