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    Had a trip to Breckenridge last week and learned to snowboard while I was there. I took a full day of lessons on Thursday, tried to go out with my freinds on Friday and hit the snow hard a few times. Angry By Saturday, something clicked and I actually enjoyed myself. I'll definitely go again next season. Who knew how many muscles that would work out that I didn't even know I had... I hit muscles in my legs that apparently neither swimming, nor running, nor cycling ever touch. I was sore! Blush The altitude is a beeyotch as well. I'm used to 1,000 ft above sea level here in Atlanta vs. 10,000 ft in Breck. I was always out of breath! I can't even imagine if i had tried to go for a run.
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      Awesome TC. I decided to try snowboarding once this winter too. Since I have skied for several years, I figured it was going to be easy! UH NO! It was definitely hard work and I was just dealing with a small hill here in Ohio. I fell so many times and it hurt my arms! From catching myself. I didn't think I was going to be the same for several days. I only worked on it for about 1/2 a day and haven't tried it since. I wish I had been able to try it a few more times, because now I probably won't ever try it again. You're right it definitely works the muscles. I told my 15 year old daughter that it was hard to even stand up, she looks at me like I'm crazy, she says you just stand up. I told her I didn't have the same strong abs that she did Smile
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        My smart aleck son sort of challenged me to learn when I was 46. First lesson - cracked rib, second lesson - bruised rib on other side....now....snowboard like a wild man....still like skiing better...
          I wish I had going skiing the day I decided to take up snowboarding without taking lessons! I didn't see much mountain, but I did get laughed at by a bunch of teenage girls after wiping out. Black eye Cry


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            I think snowboarding is a great running break! I took a week off running to go skiing this march. I consider it good strength and stamina training with anaerobic intervals and no impact. Well actually quite a bit of impact, but none of it on the running joints!

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              A snowboarding rookie here too, after my 4th trip i'm now starting to get the hang of it, linking turns pretty easily and do little jumps here and there. Altitude always kicks my butt though, I get really bad altitude sickness the past two times i went to Colorado. Tahoe was ok but I think it was not as high as the Colorado spots.
                Good lord. Snowboarding is impossible Smile I spent half a day trying to learn how to snowboard and just falling on my ass over and over and over. Finally I gave up and tried skiing - something about... oh, I don't know, facing the direction I wanted to go in... that worked for me straight away. Huzzah for skiing!