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    Ever since I started running I have worn Under Armor HeatGear Compression Shorts. I like running in compression shorts and am not planning on changing that but, as my mileage has gone up (and the chubbiness in my legs has not gone down) I am finding that this is a pretty expensive part of my running addiction! Heck... I'm going through these things faster than I go through iPod shuffles and that's saying something! Smile


    In trying to find a cheaper alternative I picked up a pair of Kohl's "Tek Gear" compression shorts... they were great but when I went back to pick up some more pairs, they were sold out and now it seems like Kohl's is discontinuing that whole line of stuff for guys.


    This is, therefore, a simple plea for help:

    Can anyone recommend compressions shorts like the UA ones... that don't set you back $28 a pop?


    In the end, if I have to suck it up, I will... but if there are cheaper options out there; I would love to try them.


    Thanks in advance for your spandex suggestions.



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      $28 is a bargain!  My favorite Pearl Izumi compression shorts are closer to $50...but they are pretty bomb-proof.  Unfortunately they no longer do leg grippers on them, so I may use a tube of silicone sealant and add my own grippers to the bottom bands.

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        Try your local TJ Maxx. You can find clearance Nike Pro Combat compression shorts. Also they seem to carry this Layer 8 brand which is decent. I bought a pair of Nike Pro Combat compression shorts for $15 there and the Layer 8 stuff is $10 or less.


        Also look in the boxers/underwear aisle in TJ Maxx (or any other such store): there is often stretchy performance underwear that has a long enough inseam and works for (what I assume is) chafing prevention. You don't need true compression gear, as much as you need just a tight fit with enough coverage. For example, I have a pair of Rebook "performance" underwear that I got there for $5. It does the trick.


        This assumes you're using this as an under layer. If you want single-layer compression shorts, you might have to pay more. Look for clearances at runningwarehouse.com or sites like that. IMO this stuff doesn't come down in price all that much even on sales.


          I go through @ 15 pair a year - Chubby and 5000 miles per year


          I order Insport Track Short Style U180 - They were recently bought out by VS Athletics - But I think if you order 1 = $18 or $20.  If you order 10+ they are @ $14.


          I am not sure if VSAthletics will change anything to screw it up?


          it is now the zu180




          I have not tried the zu180 - But it looks the same


          $20 for 1

          $16.25 for 14 and above - A bit more than I remember

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            I've never worn them, but here's a link to Saucony Men's Inferno shorts for $18-$20 a pop.  Deal expires end-of-day Tuesday.

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              There are always men's tights.   Cool


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