First half (Read 54 times)

    Ive only been running a year now and this is officially my 4th race (two 5ks and a 4.75 miler on thanksgiving). I spent the last 3 months training 4-5 days/week for the ocean's run half today.  I gave it 100% and wrecked it with an (unofficial) 1:42:40


    I was hoping to beat 2 hours and set an optimistic goal based on -30 seconds off my training pace and try for a 1:54.  I completely destroyed both times.  Funny thing was the first mile was my slowest at 8:23 and was ecstatic.


    It was a beautiful day and scenic route by the ocean.  A deer even jumped out like 20 feet in front of me at mile 11 giving me the extra oomph to keep going strong.

      1:42 is an awesome first half marathon. My crystal ball sees low 1:30's coming in the future.

      Keep going!