How long did it take for you to enter your first race? (Read 820 times)

    I ran in jr. high and high school and then took off about a billion years (13 really)...and then struggled to get through a mile, after that I trained about 3 months before my first 5 miler.


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      I finished the Couch to 5K program in February 2011 and it wasn't until September of this year that I decided I had enough confidence to give a local 5K a try.  It was a great time and I enjoyed it.  I haven't run another race since, but I may join up with a friend for one or two come springtime.

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        when I was 16 in 77 I ran a 15 mile race after 3-4 months.

        first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


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          I started with C25K in 2008 and did my first 5K three months later. 

          It took me about 9 months from the start to decide to do a 10K.

          Then it was another year after that before I decided to try a half. 

          Not interested in a full mary at all at this point. 

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          Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)


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            This may seem insane but about 2 years ago I was going for physical therapy and I saw a brochure for a 5k Turkey Trot that was going to be held in 2 weeks. At that time I had never run outside but had been running on the treadmill strictly for cardio. I told a girlI know who runs and does triathlons that I wanted to race it and my experience. She said to go for it but suggested I run outside to get used to the cold air and feel for a pace. I plotted out three miles and ran it 2 maybe 3 times and that was the extent of my training. Then I ran my first 5k with about 1200 people! No C25K for me!

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              Once I heard of c25k it didn't take long To find one. I gave myself a fee extra weeks which turned out to be a smart move. 


              I find in general that if I don't have a race on my calendar, it's tough to get out the door.


                About a month or so. Seemed like the natural progression of things. I also ran track in HS, so the competitive aspect of it was a big draw. Didn't run another race for two months. Since then, it's been roughly two every month.

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                  It took me about a month, but I planned it from the beginning. I see a lot of kindred spirits in this thread. If there were no races, I can't imagine that I'd still be running. It's an act of will that I don't race every weekend.


                  And yeah, I have a bunch of friends who run and are really apprehensive about racing, and I always think... if they knew what the field was like, if they knew about the slowpokes out there who enter just so they can be part of something and have a goal to work toward, they'd banish their fears in an instant and just come out and do it.

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                    I've only been "running" for two months and have not even considered entering a race.  How about you?


                    I did my first run after signing up for a 10k. That was a painful mistake. 

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                      I finished the C25K program and then my first race was a few weeks after that. So maybe 3 months after I first started running.


                        A year and two months after starting running.  I had signed up for a marathon and thought I should do a half first.

                          32 years.




                          I started running in November 2008.  By January, I was thinking I might be ready to run a 5K in about six months.  Coincidentally, a guy at work started up a running club, and I was told that my goal was to run the local half in May.  Needless to say, that ramped things up for me.  I ended up doing a 10 mile in March, then the half.  Short answer: three months.

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                            I've only been "running" for two months and have not even considered entering a race.  How about you?



                            My first race was a 5K about six months after I started running.  It was a PB!  So was my second race, which shows the advantage of a slow first race.


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                              About 2 months...I started running through a local women's workshop, which was 12 weeks long.  The optional race at the end of the 12 weeks was our "graduation" from the workshop.

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                                I began walking/running in September of 2010 (couldn't run a full mile nonstop) and ran my first race (half marathon) in March of 2011...and "limped" for 2 weeks afterwards LOL!