How long did it take for you to enter your first race? (Read 821 times)

Not quite right

    The race is what got me running 


    My business sponsors a local 5k here. Being semi fit and know the people who put it on they were like you should run it for fun .  That was in June. I loved it and have continued to run train and race.  


    Wickedly Average

      It was about 4 months between when I started running and my first race. I was greatly pleased with my finish time of 34:03 for that 5K. The fact that I could run over 3 miles was really something. It took me over 3 months to actually run 3 miles non-stop!

      Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

      5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


        I ran off and on recreationally to lose weight for quite a few years, but as soon as I would drop some pounds I would quit.  I started with more consistancy in January of 2011.  In July of that year I started a training schedule to train for a 5k and ran my first 5k in September of that year.  Races motivate me to train harder. So I guess 9 months would be a good answer for me.




        26:32 - 5k

        53:16 - 10k

        1:58:47 - HM




          A couple weeks I think? Got hooked when I did a Warrior Dash and then starting training for a 1/2.  Using the Higdon plan so in the three or four months I've been running, did a 4 miler and a 10k as he recommends and threw in an extra 12k.


            I signed up after about a month of starting couch to 5K, and I was still running/walking at that point.  My goal was to run the whole 5K.  That was in September, and I've done a few more races since then.  I find signing up for a race keeps me motivated! 

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            AC Marathon: 10/13



              A race is what got me started running, last November.  Ran the race (HM) in April.

              "...You have to have faith, to know that you can do what you want to do."  -Joseph Nzau

                About 18 months.


                Added miles, then added structured workouts, then realized I might as well race.


                Watch out, kids. Your first 10K is the gateway drug....


                  Npaden -- yes, running really helps elk hunting!


                  To answer the original question, I ran about a year or so, maybe 18 months if you count elliptical machine work.  Never thought of myself as a runner, nor did I ever intend to run a race.  When the rains came I started running an hour a day every day around the track at the local YMCA.  18 laps to the mile, and one hour meant 15 weight watchers activity points.  By the way, don't do this unless you like muscle imbalances and over use injuries caused by the tight little corners.


                  My WW group leader kept saying I should run a race, so after debating over a few and doing a few longer runs on the same track I finally committed and signed up for a half she was running about a week out.  Decided to run outside to get used to outside and after a couple runs ran the entire distance on a Wednesday just to see if it was possible.  Ran the race on Saturday.  Had no concept of pacing,  Tried to stick with my group leader but she was way too slow.   Gradually picked up the pace and passed maybe a thousand people (no lie -- we all started waaay too far in the back)..   Ended up being able to run the last two miles pretty hard.  Had a blast.


                  Racing is fun, but I don't run to race.  I run to run, races are the frosting on the cake, and I am going for an 11 mile run here in a bit.


                    I started running in March and ran my first race, a marathon, in October.  That is so NOT normal. Big grin

                    Penguin Forever

                      Like many, I did my first 5K a few weeks after finishing C25K. I signed up for the race maybe a couple of weeks into the program. I had started C25K before, quit around week 3 or 4, and wanted something concrete to work towards this time around to keep me on track.

                      Encouragement welcome

                        My first race was my intro to running. Smile  It was last year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Turkey Trot, of course.  LOL  And then I took a few months off and really put effort into running starting in May.  


                        When I realized I could survive a 5K with no experience, I knew that with a bit of practice, running could be a wonderful thing for me!

                        Pace Goal : 14 mm

                        5k Goal: 40 minutes


                        10k, half, and marathon someday....


                        (Hey, I'm just getting started!)

                        [Competitive] Jerk

                          I started running on 1/12/10 and I ran my first race on 1/30/10, a 5K as a "tune-up" race towards a 10K that I was training for.