Training for races other than running-- Stand Up Paddleboarding? (Read 24 times)


    I was wondering if anyone on here does SUP training?  I'm an adult with a form of autism and have been asked to join a team of adults on the spectrum competing in paddle board races.  The team is sponsored by our local ASA.  Anyway there are 6 races this summer (which is good as I'm not running any summer races) that range in distance from 1 mile to 4 mile.  I'm a recreational paddleboarder, so I'm kinda slow.  The first race is on May 4th.  I've hunted on line for any training programs, but am at a loss as to how to "train" for this upcoming race.  I'm going to do the beginner race (1000 meters).  It's in a bayou that I paddle in anyway.  So any SUP or Kayakers, give me some advice.  Thanks...




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