Weekly totals on calendar page? (Read 873 times)

    Hi, Just love the site! I like scanning through the calendar pages to see how one month of training compares to another -- so how about including a weekly total on the LHS side, at the end of each week? It might complicate the slick table formatting you have right now, so just consider this a "Gee, when you have no more projects left to do" kind of request. Of course, a parallel monthly total on the same page would be a natural extension, maybe at the bottom of the weekly totals. Very nice work!! -tm35
      tm35, I have plans to add a weekly calendar to go with the monthly one. Would that work for you? eric Smile
        Hi Eric, (Sorry I haven't visited for a bit.) I like the idea of a weekly calendar, but I was thinking of having additional information on the existing monthly calendar so that I can see the mileage for each week in the month when I look at the whole month. Then at a glance I can see how the last few weeks compare to each other both in detail (by looking at individual days and the types of runs listed in each) and in summary (by just looking at the total miles for each week). It's like adding the information from the "recent run" page to the monthly calendar. And then, just because it would then make sense, you could add a box somewhere with the total mileage for the month. (You'd have to decide how to handle the first and last incomplete weeks in the month for computing the weekly and monthly totals, but I'm you could think of something reasonable.) But like I said, this is just an idea -- I'm not missing anything! -tm35