Data import (Read 627 times)

    Hi Eric, first of all, I have to thank you for the great job you did on this site. Could you please consider implementing an importing tool? There are few other sites like this one and pretty much all of them have some exporting tools. It would be nice to be able to import such data to this site. I think the best way would be that you would define the required columns and users after exporting their data from some other site to excel would just sort the columns to fit your template and simply export it to some CSV (comma-separated values) or any other simple text format and upload it to this site. Have a nice day, Miso
      I am sorry, I didn't notice that this topic was already discussed here: http://runningahead.com/forums/topic/c3c42be96bbb4c80a71a5ad4ebee77bc Thank you, Erik, for working on it.
        Hi Michal, No problem. I can't get access to the emails until I get home so you'll get an email from me tonight. eric Smile