Returning from reduced mileage ? (Read 429 times)


    Am trying to train for a half marathon at the end of march - about 3 weeks ago I felt a twinge above right knee and reduced mileage, did some quad exercises and feel fine now. How quickly can I return to my prior mileage ?  After my run tomorrow (7 miles planned) I will have done 15 miles this week. Prior to that my total weekly miles were 8, 11, 24, 22, 20, 22, 20.


    Thoughts ?

    an amazing likeness

      Glancing at your log, it looks like it's been a quiet 3 weeks for you. But 3 weeks isn't really that long, and you haven't been just lying in bed during the time. I'd expect you could start back at whatever mileage is comfortable to your body, and probably right at about the same 20 miles/week.  But you'll want to not go into it with the expectation that you're all set for the same pace and effort -- just take it easy and see where you are. Adjust from there.

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        Thanks Milk! Will hover at 20-22 range for 2 weeks or so. Still plenty of time before the half - I just want to get some longer runs in before it. I actually forgot about a easy 4 miler I did this week - so this was a total of 19 - not 15. Felt fine.