Race report: Whidbey Island Half Marathon (my first!) (Read 470 times)

    Well I finished and survived my first half marathon. It was yesterday on Whidbey Island, WA. The weather was FANTASTIC and the route was very scenic. I definitely ran it at a faster pace than I usually run...which probably explains my soreness today. The course was fairly hilly, but mostly less daunting rolling hills. I had done some hill training, but not a ton and one of my knees started to give me trouble after some big downhill stretches. I felt great during most of the run even at the faster pace. Generally on my long runs I had been running right 8:30-9:00min miles, but the adrenaline and crowds got me to push myself during the race. I am not certain of my exact finish time since I haven't seen the results yet, but my iPod said 1:44 or so. I am extremely pleased with my results and had a great time. I am definitely sore sore sore today...is that normal? I would definitely recommend this race for anyone that wants a scenic, low key race. Another highlight wasDean Karnazes guest appearance at the Expo, he's such an amazing guy.

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      congrats!! great finishing time!! Smile

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        You'll ruin your knees!

          Congrats! The soreness will fade, the memories will not! Whidbey Island! WOW! I have a friend that lives there and I dream about going to visit someday...trails in the parks up there....blblblblblblblblbl Anyway, way to go on the 1:44 something! Lynn B

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            Way to go! Big grin I partook in my first HM on Saturday. What on you is sore? For me after the race, my knees ached and the area right below the calves. The days since the race, the outside of my left knee has been very tender and the outer part of my right foot hurts when I put my body weight on it. If I ever do another HM, I probably will wear a different pair of shoes. I wore Brooks Beast motion control shoes, which are too hard/stiff for long runs. Dean K. is crazy.... 50 marathons in 50 states over 50 consecutive days! Congrats Modal


              My right knee is sore just outside the knee cap...too much downhill running. That is the only no-good pain I am having. Otherwise my legs are just a bit sore in general. I just wasn't expecting soreness, but I guess you just push yourself a little harder in the actual races. Congrats to you on your first HM too modal!

              It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. ~ Jimmy Dugan

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                I love HMs. I haven't done a lot of racing, but that's definitely a length that I love and I am planning on 2 this year. Good work, you guys! Big grin k

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                  congrats! fantastic time! I have friends who lived on the Island and heard good things about that race. Big grin
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                    Sounds like you had a great experience and a lot of fun! I'm moving to Vancouver in June and I really want to run on Whidbey as soon as possible - sounds gorgeous. Glad to hear the hills aren't too scary. That was one aspect I was a little bit worried about! Awesome time, awesome memories!
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                      Congrats! That is an awesome time. I run my first HM May 26th and I am a bit nervous Surprised I hope my experience is as positive as yours!