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    Does anyone out there were Asics Nimbus? I have been wearing them for a while and really like them, but when I was on Road Runners Sports website to buy a new pair, I learned the shoe went from model VII to VIII. About half of the reviews were from people who previously wore the VII and hated the new model. I would appreciate any observations, or recommendations for a different style/brand of cushioned shoe. Jim
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      I can't speak to the VIII but just wanted to give a shoutout to the VII because they are the BEST running shoes I have ever had, hands down. I wonder it there are VII's floating around still, because I would recommend them if you can pick them up on clearance or ebay or something..... In fact, I should probably be looking....

        I have the VIIIs and love them. No problems whatsoever. Never had a VII, so I can't compare. Btw, I posted in another thread about what I thought was a good buy at the time: http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/d5a59616a2824403a91976cde3d43a36

          I wonder it there are VII's floating around still, because I would recommend them if you can pick them up on clearance or ebay or something.....
          RE: out-of-stock shoes I've never actually used this site to buy a pair of shoes (mine are still on sale, thank goodness), but I always thought it was a great idea: http://www.myrunningshoe.net/ ----------- Modified to paste this from the website: What is MyRunningShoe.com? MyRunningShoe.com is an online resource for finding newly discontinued or hard-to-find running shoes. We combine the inventories of Running Specialty Stores from around the country into a searchable database. When a customer finds a shoe to purchase, then place a "hold" on it, and the member store is notified. Additionally, our ShoeFinder service allows customers to make requests for their preferred shoe. Our member stores are then notified in case they have the shoe, but have not placed it in their inventory. We believe connecting runners with stores that specialize in dealing with runners is the best way to do business.

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              I have owned Gel Nimbus VI, VII and now VIII. I swear by them. Can't see myself running on anything else - EVER! At my local specialty running store (shout out to the boys and girls at The Running Company in Oakville ON, Canada), I was told that the differences between the VII and VIII were only cosmetic. So, if you liked the VII chances are you'll like the VIII. Plus, the White, Lightning, Navy is wicked-cool. Get 'em.
                It's good to hear from people who have been wearing the Nimbus through their many generations. I've been wearing them for years as well, but I got a little nervous when I read some of the reviews on the new version. Thanks for the input Jim
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                  do the nimbus come in wide, seal-flapper-sized feet, like the cumulus does ?
                    The Nimbus VII was a fantastic shoe. I've worn through several pair. Of course, then the change to the VIII changed my world. You'll find the the toe box on the Nimbus VIII runs a bit narrower than the VII model. So, if the toe box was a bit wide on the model you currently own, you'll like the change. The biggest change between the two model's is that the midsole material has changed. The've gone with a new designer EVA that is stiffer, so the the shoe will last longer and be more stable upon toe-off. If you loved the cushioning of the older model, you may find this new one a bit stiffer than you may care for. That's what happened to me. Unfortunately, I purchased two pair before I noticed the change. I went for the Latest version of the Kayano from Asics and have found it to be closer to the older Nimbus, but still not the same. The new Nimbus should feel pretty good in the shoe store when it's on your foot. It's only after about 3 miles into your run that you begin to notice the difference in cushioning. The older model is may still be available at a few die hard running stores in your area, but you may have to search. In the area where I live, one of the local shoe stores purchased a bunch of the older model on closeout once they heard from several runners of the differences in the two models. Bill
                      Bill, Most of the other reviews I read sounded exactly like yours. They were from people who absolutely loved the earlier version of the shoe, but the VIII just didn't work for them. A couple of the reviews also mentioned problems after about 3 miles, so your not alone in that opinion. I think it's time to go to the running store this weekend and hopefully talk to someone who knows what else may work. I love Asics, but I think they may have screwed up a good thing.
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