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    Hey everybody,


    I'm trying to get back into running.  I used to run 5 miles 3 or 4 times a week, but then I got more into lifting weights and fell off.  Well, like I said, I'm trying to get back to the road.  I find podcasts to be more enjoyable for running, but I don't really know where to start.


    I used to have a favorite one that I listened to all the time, but that was back in 2008 and I'm 3 computers, and 2 or 3 iPods removed from that.  It was a guy that would do the podcasts while running (I don't know if that's common) and he was from the Boston area.  One of his sponsors was Powerade Zero.  Does anybody have any idea who he is?  His voice was so soothing and I really enjoyed his takes.  I'd be forever grateful!


    I understand that's a weird request, and a long-shot that somebody knows who I'm talking about, so, what podcasts do you recommend?


      Try Marathon Talk

      Sub 20 5k


      !st Marathon in November


      Qualify for comrades marathon 2013


        Phedippidations by Steve Runner!


        Proboscis Colossus

          Two Gomers Run For Their Lives

          "God guides us on our journey, but careful with those feet." - David Lee Roth, of all people

          not really a runner

            3 non joggers. Hilarious.



            mta: ...but also pretty crude at times, in the spirit of fair warning...

            an amazing likeness

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                Yea, I bet your guy was SteveRunner on Phedippidations.  He's still posting new episodes on his website (steverunner.com) and itunes.  That's my favorite.  Good luck getting re-started on running!