My Journey from Obesity (Read 1124 times)

    In March of this year, I was miserable. I was 240 pounds - officially obese at 6' with a BMI of 32.5. I was at risk of diabetes (which runs in my family). My blood sugar was through the roof. I made a decision one March night to get off my ass. My wife gave me all the motivation I needed when she said she didn't want me to die. I got up off the couch and went down to my basement and got on the stationary bike and stairmaster that had been gathering dust. That was hard. I started to keep a note book to track my workouts and what I ate that day. Little by little I could see improvements. I had to change the way I ate. I would eat whatever I saw whenever I wanted. I was a P-I-G, pig. I knew I had to cut out the sugar. Soda was the first to go. Most of the sweets have gone. Less bread. No chips. No pudding. Not eating just to finishh what's on my plate. Then I added running to my program and that's when it really took off. I did my first race last weekend at I felt great! Well, as of this morning, I have traveled through obesity, through being overweight and I am now the normal weight for my height. I weigh 183.4 pounds. That puts my BMI at 24.9. Whoo Hooo!!!
    "If I control myself, I control my destiny."
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      Dude, you just ran a 10k in under an hour, and you were 240 pounds in March? Awesome! Great job with the weight loss. Keep it up! Share your story with people who are like you were.
        Congrats Chris- that is quite a journey!! You have made HUGE changes which is very impressive, but to do them in such a short time period is even more impressive!


          Wow, Chris...that is amazing progress in a REALLY short time! You must feel awesome! Big grin k

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            Congratulations! You have made tremendous strides and should be very proud! It's exciting to hear about how far you've come and that you're sticking with this, and will continue to do so. You must have a great amount of will power....can I have some of that? Big grin


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              Wow, Chris...that is amazing progress in a REALLY short time! You must feel awesome! Big grin k
              Chris, Ive said it before and I'll say it again, you've got nothing but blue skies and sunshine ahead for you. When ever I hear a story like this it makes me smile. It is truly amazing how we are capable of changing our lives. Thanks for sharing. Mark

              That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Neitzsche "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." "Dedication and commitment are what transfer dreams into reality."


                Awesome accomplishment Chris, Congrats!

                You'll ruin your knees!

                  Thanks for sharing, Chris! Congrats on getting off your duff and getting active AND a great 10K! Lynn B

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                    Congrats, Chris - awesome job with the weight loss and running! That is some determination you have - thanks for sharing your story Smile

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                      Damn dude! Big grin 60 pounds?!?!??! since March! Awesome! Can your wife keep up with you Wink


                          I guess those 5-6 days a week running or in the gym paid off. Give me a brick wall and I will run through it. What's helped is reading all of the great wisdom posted on this site. It's great having a place where you can come and ask any question and get helpful responses. Thanks everyone.
                          "If I control myself, I control my destiny."
                            very cool achievement indeed. congratulations!
                              Wow that's amazing. Way to go!! You should be really proud of all your hard work.

                                Great job Chris! Do you by chance have any before and after pictures? I need as much motivation that I can find to help me lose some more weight :-) Derek