Who is moderator/owner of group "C25K and one hour runners"? (Read 827 times)

    Recently, there hasn't been much activity in the 'C25K and one hour runners' group, and most of the members there were people who had had been out of running, and were restarting.

    But in the last few weeks, there were some members who seem really new to running, and one of them asked to be added to the graph...

    But since the owners/admins are probably very experienced runners yet (I know the group already since 2006, when I first started running), they don't come to the group very often, and don't see those messages


    Maybe the owner could delegate some of the tasks (like updating the graph) to one of the actual members of the group?

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      I found this link in the group: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p2tq-nMzOyRkCmT2fM62mHw&hl=en to enable the members to update there place in the graph.

      That topic is a closed, but not stickied topic...
      If the owner of the group could make this topic sticky?


      ETA: but I also found out, that a new member still has to be added to that form by the owner first, so making that topic sticky still doesn't solve the problem...

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      Prince of Fatness

        If you click on the "Reports" link within the group it will show the members with their running stats.  The user with the yellow star is the owner.  Users with the blue shields have administrator privileges.  Maybe you could find out who they are and shoot them a PM.


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          I've tried to encourage the C25K forum but do not have admin privs. And I've been sporadic lately due to RL events...

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            That's true Bob, I already saw what you've been doing, and I really, really appreciate that...

            I really think it's important that there are at least one or two runners who are 'past' C25K who try to keep that forum alive.


            Thanks to MrPHinNJ, I found the name of the admin of the group, and I'm going to send him/her a PM.

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              I'm not in the group but just wanted to say Way to go on watching out for the newbies.  I am honestly impressed

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