Quad strain (Read 345 times)


    I squatted down the  yesterday after a run to pick something up and felt a little twinge in the middle of my left quad. Got worse throughout the day. On day 2 it still hurts, primarily if I try to squat down, or stretch my quad or walk down steps. On a scale of 1-10 pain is probably a 5. I'm in the midle of a good training cycle and like most of us - hate to disrupt my schedule for more than a day or two.


    I've iced it 3 or 4 times.


    Any tips ?

      All I can really tell you is to let it heal. At the time I strained my quad I was seeing a chiropractor for back issues and they did some cold laser therapy on it. I was told it’s a 3-4 week injury – 3-4 weeks to be back at 100% and that’s pretty much how long it took.  I injured it during a run on 2/13. I ran the next two days but knew something was wrong. After my 2/15 run, walking hurt a bit. It didn’t hurt a lot to walk around and I could lightly stretch the quad but even a light jog hurt. I just had to let it heal.  I took 2/16 – 2/28 completely off and just did some light elliptical work. Iced it, used the massage stick. 2/29 I started some nice easy running and a gradual build-up.


      So, it was a couple weeks. Just have patience. It’s not something to run through, you’ll just make a grade 1 strain progress to a grade 2 strain and be on the shelf even longer. 


        Don't squat or stretch the quad, and avoid walking down steps.  


        That's all I got

          Massage helps, too.  Let it heal properly.

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            Went 2 days of periodic icing. Today I woke and used a heating pad for 10 minutes followed by a massage stick. Felt a bit better afterwards - may try that again this afternoon. Want to use a bike or elliptical, but going to take today off and see what tomorrow brings.