Favorite Running Socks (Read 119 times)

    are you guys loyal to a certain brand or certain style? if so why?

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        They last a long time & I don't get blisters.

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            Balega. Enduro Physical training quarter most of the year and recently got a pair of Balega Blister Resist Crew socks for the colder weather. They are worth every penny in my opinion. They fit very well and not one blister of any kind since I started using them back in May. Would not buy anything else at this point.



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                Feetures High Performance Cushion (no-show tab).

                Would not buy anything else at this point.


                I wish they lasted longer though.


                  balega ENDURO

                  -imperceptible toe seam

                  -clings to foot, no bunching

                  -soft material

                  -decent life


                  on very cold days:  DeFeet Woolie Boolie



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                        I’m a big fan of Balega as well. I also like Steigen socks.

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                          looks like most of you lean towards balega, i have one pair of balega- not sure which ones they are but they have a lot of cushion and i don't like a thick cushioned sock because i feel like it makes my shoe too tight on my foot. i am a big fan of feetures- no cushion socks myself, they seem to fit to my foot and not move around better than other socks i have tried and the no show are still high enough in the front to keep a stiff shoe tongue from rubbing against the skin. also they are a north carolina based company so i like to support companies in my home state if they make a quality product. thanks for all of the replies.


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                                Injinji...No blisters even when running in sloppy mud for hours at a time.  They have some that are wool blend over a thin inner sock.


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