Goal Widget does not indicate invalid date (Read 23 times)

    Tried to set a goal widget with an invalid date (April 31, 2014) with the up/down arrows.  Save button does not save widget, but there is no indication as to what is wrong.  Use down arrow to set year has interesting results too:   yyyy, 2014, 275760, ...


    Using Chrome Version 33.0.1750.154 m


    Is it a browser thing?  There does not appear to be any up/down date arrows in Firefox 28.0.

      Hi just devin,

      The goal widget uses the new date picker that I created for another section of the site.  It detects if the browser has a built-in date picker and if it does, RA will defer to the browser's date picker.  the 275760 year is a wrap around.  The end date cannot be less than today so when you go back in year, Chrome wraps the number to the max year.  Chrome is also supposed to highlight invalid years too to indicate invalid dates.  I'll see if I can do it via JavaScript when I get a chance.


      eric Smile