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    Aquaphor is a prouduct made by Eucerin! It helps to heal the skin under the blister! We tell our radiation patients to use it!!


    FYI - the active ingredient in Aquaphor is petrolatum.  Yep - Vaseline. Good stuff!


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      If you're getting blisters on anything less than 20 mile runs then its time to try something different (shoes, lacing, something/anything).


      This.  You've gotten some good suggestions.  Other suggestions include:


      1. You sure you're wearing the right size shoe(s)?  Evaluate your shoe size vs foot size.  You may need to go up half a size.

      2.  Could be time to explore new shoes.  You can't have tried *every* pair of shoes out there.  There has to be something else that can work without causing you pain.

      3.  Duct tape can help as a barrier for your skin.  Also try mole skin or some other type of cushioned barrier to help prevent friction on the affected area.

      4.  Research alternative lacing methods.

      5.  Try alternative lacing methods.

      6.  Any combination of the above or previously suggested solutions.



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        I've been running in Kayanos for almost two years. I've tried other shoes but always have knee pain in other brands. I keep getting a blister on the outside of my big toe. I've tried injinji, balega, lululemon and every other expensive sock possible to prevent blisters. I even wear the double layer blister socks, can't think of their name.  Is it my shoe that's the problem where I need a different model of shoe? I'm miserable with these blisters. Today I ended up with a new blister in a spot I haven't had one before and this one is super painful. Any suggestions?


        A blister in that position suggests you have an issue with the shoe. My recommendation would be to cut open the toe box to give your toes more room. I routinely do that with my shoes, and it works well. There are other options, such as taping or lubricants but these are unlikely to provide the relief you need. More at http://fellrnr.com/wiki/Blister_Prevention


          Vet tape works much better than duct tape. Get some at your local horse feed store.


            Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to try Vaseline and alternative lacing. If no luck, then I'll look into saucony or mizuno as I haven't tried those yet.

              A narrower shoe ended most of my blisters, although I still use bodyglide, I think it will hold its ability to protect your skin longer than Vaseline will.  This blog has good ideas for treatment and prevention http://www.fixingyourfeet.com/   Good luck!

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